Check Out The New Music Video That Calls For Violence Against The Right, Calls Trump Racist [VIDEO]

A music video released Wednesday depicts an alt-right Nazi getting beaten up and tortured, with the vocalist shouting “you just got knocked the fuck out” and calling President Donald Trump “racist.”

The action and comments appeared in metal band Stray From The Path’s music video “Goodnight Alt-right,” which portrays a man who owns a poster of Adolf Hitler and watches alt-right leader Richard Spencer getting savaged by two other men resembling anti-fascist protesters.

“Speech is ‘free’ but it comes with a price and if you’re speaking out some bullshit I’ll give you advice,” shouts vocalist Drew York during one segment of the song. “Hit ’em with a left, a left and a right. Got ’em dropping like flies with the stars in their eyes.”

“You just got knocked the fuck out. The punishment fits the crime,” York says in the chorus. “So keep your hand held high and you’ll find out why that this raised fist ain’t afraid to fly.”

Sumerian Records, a metal record label, published the video to YouTube during a year fraught with violence from anti-fascist protesters against Trump supporters. The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to Sumerian Records and Stray From The Path but received no comment in time for publication.

Source: Daily Caller

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