Check Out The Features In This $1 million Luxury Van [WATCH]

If you won the lottery, what kind of vehicle would you buy? If I can guess, you’d probably either want an amazing sports car, a luxury sedan, or some kind of heavy-duty truck. The last thing you’d probably pay tons of money for is a mini-van.

But wait a minute. You haven’t seen the ultra-luxury Klassen Car Design Technology that has created, what it calls, the most luxurious minivan on the planet. While this might not sound like a huge feat compared to the Dodge Caravan or the Toyota Sienna, but give it a shot. When you see inside this amazing vehicle, your dream car might turn out to be a minivan after all.

Check out what the Klassen team did to this Mercedes Benz Maybach V….In all honesty, it is stupendous…

First, this minivan is slightly longer than most others in its class. But that’s not something to write home to mom about. Although the paint job is quite fancy and shiny.
But as soon as the doors slide open, you’ll be blown away. These vans are equipped with reclining leather seats, a flat-screen TV, a personal media player and personalized overhead lighting.

Now this mini-van is something suitable for Ivanka Trump’s young family. Not only would it be great for her young children, this mini-van would even be worthy of the President-elect himself.

In the video, included below, you’ll see that more than 3 million avid fans have viewed this limousine style mini-van.

Here’s what the van creator wrote in the comments a year ago: “The luxury coach business is booming. Discerning millionaires might chopper to work and take NetJets through flyover states, but nothing beats a tall, long-wheelbase coach for those short trips. Klassen, a luxury coachbuilder from Germany, knows this, and they’re very good at turning everyday transportation into ridiculously luxurious rolling VIP lounges.”

But how do commuters and soccer moms feel about the ride? Here are some popular comments left on the video:

“beautiful work”

“It’s way better than my house.”

“very impressive and very well done! and i bet this is one easy way to become broke.”

“Wow my dream come true, amazing limo, but dreams are just that beautiful dreams!!!”

“Omg I like its awesome and cool but… if you were to sell it or rent it?…YES”

The video gives you a tour of the amazing ride. As you will see, this minivan is so much more than you’ve come to expect out of the boring, soccer-mom car. This vehicle is truly good enough to drive around the President-elect and Trump family.

Tips when buying a luxury car from Consumer Reports:

Are you in the market for a vehicle upgrade this year? While driving around in a brand-new luxury car is as good as it gets, the initial up-front investment and maintenance costs can be astronomical. But if you’re dying to impress others, the higher-fees could be worth it.

Expect to spend a minimum of $30,000 on a luxury car. But Mybachs have known to go for as much as $1.35 million dollars

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