• June 14, 2024

Charlie Sheen Gives His Response to Critics of His Trump Death Wish

 Charlie Sheen Gives His Response to Critics of His Trump Death Wish

Charlie Sheen, a veteran actor of both movies and TV, has blasted critics who had admonished him for praying on social media that God take the life of President-elect Donald Trump.

On Dec. 28, Sheen set off a torrent of controversy when he took to social media to respond to the death of actress Debbie Reynolds, the latest high-profile celebrity to die in 2016, Deadline reports.

“Dear God; Trump next, please!” Sheen tweeted. The actor repeated the request six more times before capping off his tweet with a “giving the finger” emoji. The social media post drew criticism from all corners.


CNN anchor Jake Tapper was not amused, asserting that Sheen’s tweet had crossed a line:

On Dec. 29, Sheen offered a response to his critics, tweeting a screenshot of his defense in the form of a poem:

On election day, Nov. 8, Sheen voiced his disapproval for Trump after his casting his ballot.

“I’m not a Trump fan,” Sheen told X17. “Oh God no! I never have been, never will be. I’m a fan of… decency, and uh, honor.”

The actor revealed he had not voted for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, either, but has instead written in the name of President John F. Kennedy.

Sources: Deadline, Us Magazine, X17, Twitter / Photo credit: Jay Greinsky/Flickr

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