Celebrity Couples With An Insane Height Difference

Fact: love is blind. Which is super useful when you’re dating someone who towers so far above you that you can barely see their face without glasses. On that note, we’re rounding up seven celebs whose spouses are gazing down on them in adoration.

What do an American Football Quarterback and a TV personality have in common?

Well, certainly not height when it comes to Kristin Cavallari, who is 5’6 versus her NFL hubby, Jay Cutler who dwarfs her at 6’3.


For Canadian film actor and Esports franchise owner, Rick Fox dating a vampire slayer is cool.

While he stands tall at 6’7, the former Buffy star who played Faith looks somewhat smaller at 5’5, but we all know she can kick some serious butt.


Is Wladimir Klitschko strong enough to beat an invulnerable heroine?

Probably not! His partner former “Heroes” actress Hayden Panettiere is only 5’1 while the Ukrainian professional boxer is 6’6 tall, but she proved height doesn’t matter as she vested this giant’s heart.


Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are the perfect combo of country and Aussie.

But at 5’5, should Miley really be wearing flats while walking with her hubby, Liam, who’s 6’3? Of course, boo! Miley can wear anything she wants! Age and height is nothing but a number!


Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson’s 12-inch height difference is no big deal.

Although she’s only 5’3 compared to Eric, who’s 6’3, she spends so much time in high heeled shoes that you barely notice it. Thank God for Stilettos!


When you’re married to Borat, you need to seriously consider wearing heels.

That’s right Isla Fisher, we’re talking to you and your 5’3 height versus your hubby Sacha Baron Cohen’s absolutely towering 6’3 height.


Can you imagine being a foot shorter than your husband?

Well, welcome to Jada Pinkett Smith’s world, who at 5’0 looks so damn short for Will Smith’s whopping 6’0 in height. Still, they look deliciously delightful!


5’0 Eva Longoria decided to go big by marrying Tony Parker, who’s 6’2.

But alas, the difference between these two were as great as their height and the two eventually called it quits in 2011.


If anyone can prove that height doesn’t matter, it’s Erica Schmidt and Peter Dinklage.

The only size that mattered to Erica, who is 5’6, is Peter Dinklage’s heart, which is a good thing because he’s only 4’5 tall.


“Glee” star Lea Michele and Matthew Paetz seemed like a good match.

Paetz, who is 6’2, was certainly taller than Michele’s 5’3 height, but his love wasn’t big enough to help her overcome her heartbreak over losing Cory Monteith all those years ago.


It’s no secret that Shaquille O’Neal is a seven foot tall giant!

Now imagine being the dainty 5’2 but oh so sexy Nicole Alexander. Maybe the reason they didn’t make it was because it would have hurt too much, if you know what we mean.


Kate Middleton and Prince William have a royal height difference.

He’s super hot at 6’3 and she’s equally sexy at 5’8, and whatever difference these two have in height, she certainly makes up for it in class and prestige.


Source: Lifebuzz

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