Celebrities Declare “VICTORY” After Court Ruling On Trump’s Immigration Ban

Celebrities declared “victory against hate” following the ruling on Thursday by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to maintain the freeze on President Donald Trump’s immigration pause.

Michael Moore, Debra Messing, Seth Rogen and many other performers expressed their joy, via Twitter, over the ruling that upholds a stay on the president’s recent executive order that would temporarily prevent migration from seven Muslim-majority countries.

“A victory against hate. Appeals Court rules against Trump. His Muslim Ban can not be enforced for the time being,” Michael Moore tweeted.

“Always good 2 end my day w/ a solid bitch slap. I can sleep soundly knowing Trump is now throwing Jane Adams vases across the WH dining room,” Josh Gad tweeted.

“Does this dude not know that they literally just saw him in court,” Seth Rogen tweeted.


E. Goldstein

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