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HELL YEAH: Trump Is Getting Ready To Start His OWN

Ok, I am not one to say, I told you so but I am going to say it… via GIPHY For years, I have said that the two-party system is not working and we need more options out there that really speak for the people. The Republican party is a bunch of tired, busted ole’ […]

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Trump Punks Biden Brilliantly In One Last Mic Drop

Yesterday was the sham inauguration of the Biden/Harris regime and of course, all of the Illuminati oops, I mean glitterati was in attendance. These Marxists celebrated the stolen election from President Trump in a virtual setting that seriously was a who’s who of the rich and powerful. And Trump did not attend. Now, of course, […]

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Joe Biden Has Already Made His First Move With an

Illegitimate President, Joe Biden isn’t wasting any time with his executive orders to undo all the amazing work President Trump has done in the last four years. So, it isn’t any surprise that he was ready to get that pen and start signing things right away! One of those executive orders is Trumps’ border wall […]

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Day of Reckoning: Did Our Republic Just DIE or Is

Today is a dark day in this country but there are those who feel that things are not just done yet. That doesn’t mean they are Q followers but are just following the logical points of voter fraud that plagued our election. Of course, the American people have many more questions than answers right now […]

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Lindsey Graham Has Finally Been Exposed As The Traitor We

I have said for years that this Lindey Graham was nothing but a turncoat and FINALLY, it is being proven! Graham has had the power for years to hold those who are corrupt and in power responsible for their reprehensible actions, but he just sat there and allowed it to continue on since he was […]

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SAY WHAAAT? Joe Biden Starts Crying During Speech; “When I

Today is the day that Joe “Bejing” Biden is supposedly being sworn in as president. However, considering it is a virtual inauguration and the heavy presence of the military I have serious doubts that Biden is THE actual president. I know you all agree with me that this is a definite hack job, right? Seriously, […]

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Broadcast TV Stations Now Being Told To Prepare for Martial

On social media, I have seen several posts that from friends that they have received emergency broadcast messages on their televisions. Of course, in any other time that would not cause any suspicion but considering the tensions rising in the country as Biden prepares to be installed as president, it does cause one to wonder. […]

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What Hillary Clinton Just Said About Trump And Russia Will

If there is anyone that I trust less in this world to make a truthful statement, it might be Hillary Clinton. The woman is probably lying about what her own name is. Hell, I bet that isn’t even Bill’s baby. The sad thing about her is that she is someone that had access to a […]

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President Trump Just Signs Two AWESOME Executive Orders

President Trump is not done yet even though he is supposedly leaving the White House tomorrow morning to make way for Bejing Biden. Though instead of riding it out these final hours, Trump is still putting his foot on the gas pedal and putting Americans first. On Monday, Trump went ahead and signed two more […]

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There Is Game-Changing Intel That Grants Trump New Pathways to

With each passing hour, it appears that a Biden regime is more likely. To be honest, I was really praying and hoping that President Trump had something up his sleeve to stop this sham of an inauguration. We all know that the radicalized left stole the election so that they could usher in the NWO […]

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Nadler’s Terrorism Double Standard Has Been Exposed!

I am the type of person that likes consistency. I don’t care if you are one way or the other, just try to say the one way that you are as much as possible and we will get along just fine… Consistency is a good thing in life. It is the reason why people keep […]

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Trump Isn’t Done YET! Signs YUGE Presidential Memo Giving Americans

President Trump is not done fighting for the American people even though he just has a few days left in the White House. This past Thursday, Trump signed a presidential memorandum that will help secure America research and development against foreign interference and exploitation. Now, we know that with the incoming Biden/Harris administration this will […]

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BOMBSHELL: China Interfered in the 2020 Election

Well, well, well…. There is a reason that Joe Biden has been referred to as Bejing Biden and a new bombshell report proves just that. Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe has found grounds to conclude that China interfered and “sought to influence” the 2020 presidential election. One of the most damning claims DNI Ratcliffe […]

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BREAKING: Trump to Take Massive Action

After silence from President Trump, it appears that he is readying himself to take massive action against the Biden crime family and all those who are hell-bent on destroying our country. In all honesty it about time that Trump makes his move on these unscrupulous people. For years, they have undermined him and the American […]

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Over the past four days, there have been MASSIVE movements of troops, equipment and supplies WITHIN the continental United States (CONUS).  Today (Tue.), the US Navy is positioning Aircraft carriers and their strike groups off both the US east and west coasts.  It appears we are preparing to defend ourselves from an invasion.  China? Late […]

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Roger Stone’s WIFE Ambushed In Sickening Attack!

If there is one thing that you do not do, it is going after someone’s family. I have been involved in personal disputes before where I told the person in question exactly what the hell I thought of them, but not for one second did I ever go after their family because they weren’t the […]

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WHOA! Media Catches Pic Of Mike Lindell Leaving W.H. But

The country is waiting with bated breath as we are just days away from President Trump leaving office. Over 74 million Americans are praying that a miracle will occur that will keep the commander-in-chief in office for another four years. Now, a pic that was captured when Mike Lindell left the White House on Friday […]

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