Can You Spot What is Wrong With This Family Snapshot?

At first glance, this looks like a father and his children posing in front of the promenade in a normal family picture, but look close and you will see there is nothing ordinary in what they have done.  Every person in the picture has been carefully posed in order to come up with the results they wanted.  I think you will find it amusing.

 Family photos can be a wonderful way to remember holidays and special milestones.

But this picture proves they can also be a chance for parents to simply have a little fun with their children.

At first glance the image might seem perfectly innocent but take a closer look and you might find the X-rated message hidden somewhere in the frame.

The photo, which emerged online and has been shared on Facebook, has left internet users in stitches – and has even inspired some to recreate the snap at home.

Taken from above, the picture shows a father and his children standing on a seaside promenade.

They are each standing in rather unusual positions, with their legs crooked, backs bent and arms outstretched.

But look a little harder and it becomes clear these unusual poses are no accident.

In fact the father has carefully positioned each child so that their shadows spell out the word ‘penis’ on the ground.

The hilarious picture prompted a flurry of delighted responses when it was shared on the Life of Dad Facebook page yesterday.

Prankster dad: A closer look reveals how the family's shadows spell out the word 'penis'

H/T The Mail Online

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