Can You See What is Wrong With This Picture? Most Can’t

Can you tell what is wrong with the picture of the six bikini girls.  If you can, you have a keen mind and excellant observational skills well above the average person.  Now look closely and see if you spot the problem before I reveal what it is.  You may notice that it appears the girl third from the left has a boob in the next girl’s bikini top, but that’s not it.

 Several pictures featuring trick optical illusions have been making the rounds on social media, stumping viewers.

A photo of six bikini-clad girl friends posing on a beach together has a trick to it that dares viewers to guess what it is. Shared on Instagram, the picture has stumped many a follower on the social media site as to what the illusion could be.

Study the picture below — all the girls are simultaneously striking a similar pose for the camera and are wearing black sunglasses.

However, those with eagle eyes will be able to discern that the picture has been manipulated in a sneaky way.

An Instagram user has edited it so that the face of the man in the background is also the faces of the women in the forefront of the photo.

How about this picture?  Can you see what’s wrong with this one?

Posted initially on Facebook and titled “Look carefully” by Deviantart user Missmiserystock in 2003, the picture was a massive hit among social media users.

If you peer closely, you will see the woman actually has six fingers on her right hand instead of five.

Likely edited, the subtle physical difference has thrown off many viewers.

One user wrote: “Hahaha thats insane it took me a while to catch it good job!”

Fun pictures like these will very likely continue to pop up on the internet.

H/T The Mail Online


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