Can You Guess What These Very Revealing Bikinis Are Made Of? [VIDEO]

During Miami Swim Week, many experimental fashion designers get to show their wares in hope of creating a new fad.  Most are pretty ridiculous but every now and then one comes along and you can’t take your eyes off from them.  This is the story behind one of those.  The fashionable bikinis look really good, especially sitting on some very hot women.  But can you guess what material they are made of?

 The swimsuit collection that’s catching everyone’s eye at Miami Swim Week doesn’t include a swimsuit at all, just a lot of strategically-placed tape.

The Black Tape Project is making the biggest splash at Miami Swim Week this year and the collection hasn’t even been modeled on the runway. Similar to the use of body paint in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, the Black Tape Project uses tape instead of traditional bathing suits.

Creator and artist Joel Alvarez started the project using black tape, but it now seems that he’s transitioned to dressing the models with metallic gold tape instead. And although the girls who get taped up can look underdressed, the intricately-designed tape covers up everything a normal swimsuit would.

The Black Tape Project has taken Miami Swim Week by surprise and is probably the wildest swimsuit trend the bikini fashion week has ever seen.

H/T The Daily Caller

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