• May 23, 2024

Cameras Have Caught On Tape What Migrants Are Trying To Hand To Reporters On the Other Side Of The Wall…

 Cameras Have Caught On Tape What Migrants Are Trying To Hand To Reporters On the Other Side Of The Wall…

A video from the southern border has started to circulate online, shattering the left’s narrative about migrants.

President Biden allowed Title 42, a Trump-era immigration limitation, to expire at 11:59 p.m. ET on Thursday, and chaos instantly broke out as illegal immigrants poured towards the border.

A video has surfaced showing migrants reaching across the border fence and attempting to pass something to reporters on the other side, while authorities in communities on the other side of the southern border struggle to deal with the grim situation.


Now, the left is attempting to defend its open-border policies by claiming that immigrants are helpless victims in desperate need of all the assistance that America can provide.

You would assume that the items the migrants are attempting to hand over the border would reflect that given that that is the narrative coming from the left. Perhaps the migrants are carrying empty baskets or bags in the hopes that the journalists would offer them food, or perhaps they are carrying letters they want to send to family members in the US.

Perhaps the migrants were merely trying to make contact or ask for assistance.

But the truth is rather different.

In the expectation that the journalists will plug those items in for them someplace, the migrants are carrying charging cables and cell phones across the border.

Exactly that is demonstrated in a Fox News film about the border situation:

One thing I found extremely interesting was the type of phones these refugees were using.

Given how migrants are portrayed on the left as being impoverished and in need, one would assume that they would still have access to cell phones that can play the original “Snake.”

Nope. The migrants appear to be passing pricey, frequently selling for hundreds to over a thousand dollars, newer model smartphones across the border.

You wouldn’t imagine that a poor immigrant who is so desperate to enter the United States could buy one of these phones, which are normally owned by wealthy middle-class American families.

This information presents a significant challenge to the left’s presumption that they are resource-poor migrants who are yearning to enter America.


Instead, this widely shared video strongly implies that these supposedly destitute migrants are actually people with a modicum of financial affluence who knew the border would be opened and are taking advantage of the chance to skip the line and choose the quick route to citizenship.

Biden’s immigration policy gives people a chance to take advantage of the system and enter the nation illegally rather than responding compassionately to those who are truly in need of assistance.

They are coming because they are aware that Biden won’t take any action to stop them. They are allowed to come into the country whenever they want.


The pandemonium that has followed the termination of Title 42 demonstrates that Biden has fully lost control of the border, making it more important than ever for the federal government to take action and ensure border security.


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