Californians Rebel Against Massive gas Tax Increase..First Recall Begins

It’s a very dangerous time to be a democrat in California at this time as there is a huge rebellion over the state’s increase in gas taxes (12 cents) and increases in registrations of up to $175 dollars.  To top it off, the money isn’t earmarked for road repair.  The money can be placed in the general fund and spent on anything.  One democratic lawmaker has already received the news that he is facing a recall election.

Democratic state Sen. Josh Newman, who barely squeaked out a win in the last election may not be around in 2018 to defend his seat.  If the republicans are smart, they will make sure only one really good conservative participates in the jungle primary should it come to that.  Californians are not strangers to recalls.  Gray Davis was recalled over his bungling on electricity for California.

 The law, passed April 6, imposes a 12 cents a gallon hike on citizens and raises the tax on diesel fuel by 20 cents a gallon. It also implements an additional charge to annual vehicle license fees ranging from $25 to $175 depending on the car’s value.

Democrats in the state legislature forced the measure along party lines. Only one Republican — state Sen. Anthony Cannella — voted in favor of the measure after receiving $500 million in kickbacks for a commuter rail extension in his district. But Cannella’s Democratic colleagues are the lawmakers being targeted.

“That’s the only thing that works, is to take one of their team members out, politically,” Ken Chiampou, a co-host of “John and Ken” on KFI-AM in Los Angeles, told reporters Thursday. “If there’s no consequence, no punishment, then they’re going to keep right on doing this crap.”

Chiampou’s pursuit of Newman comes after California Republican Assemblyman Travis Allen filed a ballot initiative May 8 to repeal the $52 billion gas tax.

“Adding insult to injury,” Allen noted, “this massive new tax will not build any new roads, and it will do nothing to fix California’s worst in the nation traffic. In fact, Brown’s new gas tax legislation actually has specific language that will reduce lane capacity and increase traffic.”

Allen’s organizers must cobble together 365,880 voter signatures to qualify the measure.  

H/T The Daily Caller

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