California License Plate Secretly Contains A Banned Message; Look Closely [PHOTO]


Most of us don’t think too much about our license plates, sure we renew the tag each year, but it really doesn’t matter to me what letters or numbers are on the plate. Unfortunately, the DMV won’t allow certain words to be put on license plates for good reason.

Slang and offensive language are not allowed to appear on personalized plates.

A driver from California managed to get a specialized license plate that spells a prohibited word when viewed in a mirror.

He managed to found a way around that by using letters and numbers to get a word on his license plate that is profane. But, unless you view it in your rear-view mirror, you probably wouldn’t recognize it!

Take a look at his license plate below!



According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, personalized license plates cannot: “Be offensive or slang in ANY language,” “interchange letters and numbers to look like other plates,” or “resemble an existing license plate.” The driver of this truck slipped past the rules, Boing Boing reports.

Plates can be personalized “with your own combination of letters, numbers, and other characters,” notes the state’s DMV. “Standard plates that are personalized allow for 2 to 7 characters. Other personalized license [plates can have] a varying number of characters based on what kind of plate you choose to personalize.”

In addition to personalized plates, California offers special interest plates, military plates, and historical plates.

Special interest plates reportedly help fund various state projects and programs, including those dealing with agriculture, the arts, coastal preservation, firefighters, pets, child health and safety, preservation, conservation, recreation and more.

Military plates include Congressional Medal of Honor, Gold Star Family, Legion of Valor, Pearl Harbor Survivor, Ex-Prisoner of War, and Purple Heart. In addition, “Veterans’ Organization plates are available to anyone who wishes to order one to represent their pride in the nation’s military.”

Historical plates are also available “for motor vehicles that are of historical interest” that were built after 1922 and at least 24 years old.

The law required license plates to include “the separate initials of the owner’s name placed upon the back thereof in a conspicuous place, the letters forming such initials to be at least three inches in height.”


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Photo Credit: Boing ​Boing

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