California Forcing Business Owners To Put Themselves Out Of Business!

 California Forcing Business Owners To Put Themselves Out Of Business!

There are always going to be people that have big ideas that seem like big ideas and that everyone would want to do but have no idea how they are going to execute the ideas.

You can plan to do things as much as you want and say you are going to do things as much as you want but if you don’t have the money you simply cannot do it.

That being said, Democrats are the type of people that spend the money first and then figure out how they are going to pay for it. Like with wage increases. Sure, it might be a good thing to give people more money, but if you don’t have the money to do it you are going to have to make difficult decisions…

How many Democrats does it take to fix a burned-out lightbulb? Gotcha. That was a trick question. Democrats can’t even fix a sandwich. In Long Beach, California, the city officials voted to force grocery stores to give all of their employees an additional four dollars an hour pay raise.

It’s constitutionally suspect but will that four dollar an hour increase help them? Apparently not as Kroger’s, the leading grocery chain in the United States is closing both of its stores.

First of all, the Ralphs stores are union shops, and their pay is decided in negotiations by the store and the union representing the employees. In the second place, the employees were all given $2 raises at the beginning of the pandemic. And thirdly, and most importantly, these employees no longer have permanent jobs. They can stay on during the liquidation of their inventory and then they are jobless.

This is just a look at what happens under the Democratic Stimulus plan that mandates a fifteen dollar minimum wage that will phase in between now and 2025.

That might actually work in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles but it is a job killer for the Midwest and rural areas. The minimum wage hike will also lead to inflation.  And it could be quite severe. Unskilled workers will be the hardest hit.

If you have to pay $15 an hour, you want someone will skills. And summer jobs for kids will be non-existent. Add to those problems is the amount of oil and gas workers who become unemployed because of Biden’s Executive Orders. Massive unemployment and high inflation will flatten our economy. Welcome to The People’s Republic of Americastan.

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