Calif. Dem Compares President Trump To ISIS: “Bent On Destroying Civilization”

California Democratic Rep. Brad Sherman compared ISIS to the Trump White House Friday morning during a one-minute speech on the House floor.

Sherman used his brief time to criticize Trump’s executive order to ban refugees from seven Muslim majority countries from entering the U.S. for 120 days from the date the order was issued.

“As many have explained on this floor, Trumps executive order — his Muslim ban — repudiates our values and violates our Constitution. After 20 years on the foreign affairs committee I think it’s important to come to this floor and explain how that executive order is harmful to our national security,” Sherman said.

He went on to say, “Trump’s executive order plays right into the ISIS narrative. It says that there’s a clash of civilizations. It says that all of Islam is our enemy. ISIS, which has perhaps, that has a few hundred thousand followers dreams of convincing all of Islam — dreams of convincing 1.5 billion Muslims that they are at war with America and the West.”

He concluded, “We do not have a clash of civilizations. We have a clash between civilization and the forces of darkness bent on destroying civilization — whether they reside in Racca or at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”


E. Goldstein

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