Burglars Insist Homeowner Unlock Gun Safe: A Mistake They Don’t Live to Regret

Home security cameras were rolling as two burglars in Brentwood, California ordered a homeowner to unlock his gun safe.  The homeowner was very happy to oblige them.  After he unlocked the safe and opened the door, the man armed himself and promptly set about providing the burglars with ventilation.

 Brentwood, CA – Two home invaders were shot dead by a homeowner moments after they demanded that he unlock his gun safe. Security cameras on the property recorded part of the incident (video below.)

The incident was reported to police at around 11:15 PM Wednesday as a shooting on in the 200 block of Birch St in Brentwood. Officers arrived and found an armed homeowner with two dead robbers, according to SFGate.

“We’ve determined the incident was a home invasion,” Brentwood PD Lt. Walter O’Grodnick said. “As a result of the suspects’ interaction with the victim resident, it forced the victim to fire at both suspects in self-defense.”

According toe KTVU, the home invaders walked into a garage on the property and demanded that the homeowner open his safe. The home owner complied, and opened his safe which contained his guns.

The homeowner then armed himself, and video shows him opening fire on robbers, turning them into human sprinklers. Both suspects were pronounced dead on scene from excessive leakage.

The suspects have not been identified yet, pending next of kin notifications. There are no charges being filed against the homeowner.

“There’s nothing to suggest that anyone should be concerned about public safety,” O’Grodnick said.

H/T Blue Lives Matter


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