Child Rushed to ER And Hospitalized After What A School Bully Made Him Eat

Bullying is getting out of hand, I blame the democrats.  Kids see how they act and try to imitate them.  Sometimes bullying hurts nothing but your pride but at other times it can be downright serious.  Such is this case.  A bully forced a smaller child to eat parts of a lead pencil and the boy ended up in the hospital to have his stomach pumped for fear that he would develop lead poisoning.  He could have easily died.

 No one even knew there was a problem until the boy started vomiting something black. He then told his parents what had happened and he was rushed to the hospital. Fortunately, pumping his stomach did the trick and he is making a full recovery.

After being asked by his parents, he finally told them what had happened. The boy, Liu Xinze, had to undergo a three hour surgery to get all the lead out of his body. Stronger laws need to be in place to protect victims of bullying.

The city council in Shawano, Wisconsin is taking a stand. They have passed an ordinance that allows the police to get involved with bullying cases. Any parent of a minor that is accused of bullying may get a warning and even a 90 day probationary period to get their child to stop bullying.

H/T: Relay Hero

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