BULLSEYE: The NRA Just Put David Hogg Right In His Place!

It would seem to the average person keeping score that David Hogg just cannot help putting his foot in his mouth when it comes to acting like a complete buffoon.

Now, despite the fact that he has turned himself into a laughing stock on just about every section of humanity from Holocaust survivors to his own classmates, Hogg still keeps on plugging away with his ultra left narratives at every possible chance.

If everything that came out of his mouth wasn’t complete and utter nonsense it would almost be a piece of performance art that you could appreciate on its own. Problem is, he actually believes this nonsense.

Hogg’s more recent attempt to push anti Second Amendment hogwash (see what I did there) has through sheer force of miracle exploded in his face again.

From Conservative Tribune:

“Congress ought to create a federal tax on gun sales to fund gun violence research,” Hogg posted in late November.

The farcical nature of Hogg’s sentiments should be readily apparent. In essence, Hogg wants Americans who’ve done nothing wrong to foot the bill to study a parroted and tired leftist boogeyman.

But then again, using feelings instead of facts is par for the course for the 18-year-old activist.

Hogg was predictably slammed for his gibberish. This time, it was the NRA that put the outspoken Hogg in his place.

“It’s always satisfying when an anti-gunner reveals just how uneducated they are about firearms,” the NRA retorted on their Twitter account. “Recently, this distinction goes to David Hogg, who has repeatedly called for a federal tax on firearms and ammunition — which he must not realize already exists.”



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