• July 22, 2024

Bullies Tricked Him Into Trying The Latest Challenge, Now His Parents Want Justice

 Bullies Tricked Him Into Trying The Latest Challenge, Now His Parents Want Justice

Kids from any generation do ridiculous stuff, so to think that teens or young adults doing things that make no sense to isn’t exactly a millennial phenomenon. Anyone that’s ever eaten a life goldfish on a dare can tell you that one.

The problem is that there are people that just do not think of the safety of others when they try coaxing people into going something.

Look at the whole ice bucket thing from a few years ago. That was a classic case of a stunt being totally harmless because it was a bunch of kids pouring ice water on themselves on a hot day. Hell, I even did it because my son and his friends were doing it. It was a hundred degrees out that day and I had just finished mowing the lawn….felt great.

The point is that when people do these fad stunts they are often few and far between the kind that are safe. The Tide pod thing, the hot stove thing and so many others are unsafe yet people goad other folks into doing it for nothing more than perverse entertainment.

Via AWM:

Too many “social media challenges” go far too wrong. Case in point, a stunt called the “roundabout of death” that a group of friends dared an 11-year-old boy to do resulted in some very painful injuries. Dawn Hollingworth shared the details of her son’s horrifying experience, as well as video and jaw-dropping photos of her son’s injuries.

Eleven-year-old Tyler Broome was with his friends in the park when they pushed him to try the stunt seen on YouTube. A person sits in the middle of a playground merry-go-round while it’s spun at high speed using the rear wheel of a motorcycle or moped.

It’s frightening that anyone would even entertain giving this a try, but a group of older teens encouraged Tyler to have a go. In the video footage taken, Tyler spins out of control and passes out during the stunt — all the while those involved are laughing.

Tyler’s injuries were similar to those seen on fighter pilots who experience extreme levels of gravitational force. Tyler passed out from the stunt and fell off the playground equipment, but the worst part is that the kids involved left him alone in the park.

The boy had fluid and blood around his brain, causing his eyes to bulge and impairing his vision.

Dawn explained in a Facebook post: “My son has been rushed to one of the country’s top hospitals, Queens Medical Centre, for treatment for severe injuries. His injuries were so rare the staff have never witnessed such injuries and had to research it before they could treat him.”

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