Bullies Call Teen Fat After Seeing Her Prom Photos, But Boyfriend Has The Perfect Response [VIDEO]


If you looked up the phrase “relationship goals” in the Urban Dictionary, you might see a picture of Tre Booker and his boo thang Madison. These two have completely taken over the internet after Tre defended Madison from a bully who was trying to knock her prom photos on Twitter.

First of all, Madison was seriously SLAYING on her prom night in a long pink sequins gown with Tre wearing a matching pink bow tie.

Not only did they look great, but these two seemed to be having a really great time.

For some reason, some miserable person who had nothing better to do decided to go out of their way and insult Madison for no reason.

“Wow he loves you even tho you’re fat,” Twitter user @BeSafeThough commented.

Instead of firing back, Madison logically responded with, “Don’t see how people can be rude to people they don’t even know.”

Little did the bully know that their rude words would spark thousands to realize that love is about the connection between two people and not their size.

Tre shot back to shut down that fat shamer’s cruel words quick.

Tre says he doesn’t care if people call him out for doting over his girlfriend. He is going to do it anyway.

Now the entire internet is in love with this couple. I mean, look how cute they are together!

Their tweets have been shared thousands of time, appalauding both Tre and Madison.

Everyone shouted out Tre for standing up for his woman.

And everyone acknowledge how dope Madison looked for prom.

They are the couple that everyone wants to be.

These two are clearly doing it right.

We’re really glad that there’s still people around to remind us that true love is out there despite the things we think in our minds or see in the media.


Rafael Smith

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