Broadcast TV Stations Now Being Told To Prepare for Martial Law— Here’s What We Know

 Broadcast TV Stations Now Being Told To Prepare for Martial Law— Here’s What We Know

On social media, I have seen several posts that from friends that they have received emergency broadcast messages on their televisions. Of course, in any other time that would not cause any suspicion but considering the tensions rising in the country as Biden prepares to be installed as president, it does cause one to wonder.

Now in an article, I discovered while sifting through the ever-abundant news stories being churned out, this one caught my eye.

According to a TV station employee, there were informed that they should prepare to program for the next 72 hours after the Biden steal.

Like, I said this could be nothing or it could be something but in the moment of time that we find ourselves in anything is possible.

Here is more:

From a TV station employee:

I work at a mid-sized TV station. We just had a visit from the FCC along with two people with badges. I didn’t get close enough to see what agency they were with.

We’ve been told to prepare for all of our programmings to be pre-empted from 8 AM Wednesday for up to 72 hours.

They told my boss he can be held criminally liable if he doesn’t allow their feed to air.

He was almost in tears saying “I’ve never seen anything like this after 30 years in this business.” The Second American Civil War is Underway! Video below:

They scared the sh-t out of him and the district manager.

I reached out to broadcasters today in an effort to verify or debunk the information that the FCC made contact to warn broadcasters about interfering with the FCC EBS system.

I was expecting a denial but what I got was actually shocking.

I was told by one station owner that this was possible because, during the Obama administration, the EBS system was formed and that broadcasters were required to install a 20,000$$$ piece of equipment that allows the FCC and EBS system to take over a broadcast at their will, so there is no need for any personnel to literally flip a switch like the old system.

So in conclusion I can, in great part, debunk the part about FCC agents making the rounds contacting broadcasters. Although I was told they DO expect to be contacted because they had heard from other stations of contact being made.

Take it for what it’s worth. 




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