The situation with Brenda Snipes reminds me of something that happened several years ago when my son bought a bag of potato chips to cash in on a free promotional tie in with a video game that he had been playing.

The promotion was that for every bag of these chips that you bought that you would get a code that you could enter into the game to get a free in game item or extra points or something like that. The problem was that they printed the promotional codes on the outside of the bag instead of on the inside and more often than not there would be someone that would take a picture of the code, put the chips back, leaving whoever actually bought them out the free promo item.

Wanting to show my son how you deal with something like this I had him send the email to their customer support center and about a week later a guy called our house to tell us that they were going to be emailing him some codes. Now, the boy thought that it was going to be the code that he was supposed to get plus maybe one more for the trouble; however, he got sent enough of these codes to fill a legal pad. They just happened to manufacture these by seemingly the truckload.

My point is there are times when finding something in large amount in your office is perfectly fine and nobody will bat an eye about it. You find an extra case of pencils you didn’t think you had, no problem. Extra case of Post It Notes? No worries there, nobody will look at you sideways and you shouldn’t have to worry about getting in any yrouble.

That being said, if you happen to find enough extra votes to fill a domed football stadium in your office that just might hypothetically (not saying this would ever actually happen….oh wait, it did) sway an elecion in the favor of the party you support then don’t be surprised if the three fingers start pointing back at you…

From Gateway Pundit:

Things are heating up in Broward County after Brenda Snipes rescinded her resignation Saturday and vowed to fight her suspension.

Governor and Senator-elect Rick Scott SUSPENDED Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes on Friday night and replaced her with Peter Antonacci.

Snipes is set to receive $71,000 a year in a pension from her time serving as elections supervisor; she also has a separate pension from her time as a teacher.

Rick Scott issued an order to immediately remove crooked Brenda Snipes from office “for misfeasance, incompetence and neglect of duty.”

Snipes isn’t going away quietly.

NBC Miami reported:

Brenda Snipes’ attorney on Saturday said the recently suspended Broward County elections supervisor would rescind her resignation.

“We believe these actions are malicious, we believe that the allegations that are set forth in the governor’s executive order are done for the purposes of embarrassing Dr. Snipes – embarrassing her and tarnishing her record, and we will be fighting this. In addition to that, Dr. Snipes herby rescinds her resignation that was set forth which would have been effective on the fourth of January,” Snipes’ attorney Burnadette Norris-Weeks said in a press conference.

Brenda Snipes has a history of corruption and violating the law.

In this year’s midterm election, Broward County Democrats mysteriously manufactured 83,000 votes in two days!


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