BREAKING: They Are Getting Ready To REMOVE Kamala…

According to a news release from the congressman’s office, Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson (Texas District 13) introduced a resolution calling on President Joe Biden to remove Vice President Kamala Harris from her role at the southern border as “border czar.”

The resolution was introduced by Jackson and has 26 co-sponsors.

On Thursday, it will be one year since Administration Joe Biden named Harris to lead the border problem, which Republicans claim she and the president have badly mishandled.

In recent U.S. data, there were 164,973 interactions with migrants at the southern border in February, up 7% from January and up 63 percent from the previous year. Data from the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP).

Jackson has been to the southern border three times, but Harris has only been there once. Calls for Harris to make more appearances in areas like Texas and Arizona have been dismissed as “political games.”

Here’s what Jackson said:

“Instead of working for the American people, Kamala Harris has worked against us by ignoring her responsibilities as Border Czar. Rather than doing her job, Harris sits back and watches as illegal immigration skyrockets, countless people at home and abroad are victimized by drug and human trafficking, and CBP officers are left without resources or support from the Biden Administration. Make no mistake – Harris’ approach is by design, and she must be stopped,” Jackson said.

He continues, “It is past time for Joe Biden to remove her from the Border Czar role and appoint someone who will put Americans’ interests first. A nation without borders is no nation at all. We need a real leader at the helm who will secure our southern border, and, in-turn, our country’s bright future. A single canned photo op and pointless foreign trips to Northern Triangle countries on the taxpayers’ dime are not cutting it. I urge Speaker Pelosi to bring my resolution to the House Floor immediately, for the American peoples’ sake.”

Jackson also introduced legislation in February requiring executive branch officials charged with immigration policy to visit the southern border and report on conditions.

Read it here:

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