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The Democrats have seemed to have found a way to rig elections in their favor and it is happening all over the country. Just as the Arizona audit is wrapping up and the results about to be shared with the world, new irregularities have been found in New York.

Brooklyn is now the latest to find these so-called irregularities as the Democrats continue to beat the drum that there was ZERO evidence of voter fraud in the presidential election.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case at all.

New reports from Brooklyn show a 700 vote difference between registered voters, and ballots cast in the district of Brooklyn.

Where did these extra 700 votes come from and a follow-up question is who cast them?

When you see more votes than people in an area this is what makes people question if there is election integrity and they also lose faith in a system that was put in place for the people to speak.

When we look, we seem to find ‘irregularities’ are fairly normal and occur quite often, so they’re not that ‘irregular’ now are they?

Check this out:



Here is more from Becker News:

“We have discovered discrepancies that raise concerns and deserve further exploration,” the report continued. “These were reported to the coordinators at each poll site and directly to the Board of Elections. The Board of Elections responded by removing our project leader as a poll watcher and changing the information our poll watchers were allowed to view. Now we cannot collect the data necessary for the successful completion of the project.”

“We deeply respect the voters, candidates and poll workers who have committed so much time and effort to the election. They deserve to have confidence in it,” Friesdat added.

“At this point, we cannot assure the public that the results in all these locations are accurate, because the process is not transparent and we have not been allowed to check,” SMART elections continued.

“This lack of cooperation and transparency is unfortunate and unnecessary,” Friesdat added. “We hope that the Board of Elections will examine these issues fully and whole-heartedly commit to a respectful, transparent partnership with those engaged in public oversight.”

Here is the official report from watchdog group Smart Elections.US:

The number of voters who check-in must always be the same or close to the number of ballots scanned. This has nothing to do with affidavits or void ballots. Those are accounted for separately. Each voter who checks in successfully is given one ballot and is supposed to scan it themselves unless there is a problem with the scanners. So the number of voters who check-in is supposed to be close to the number of ballots scanned.

Sometimes voters leave without scanning their ballots – called “fleeing voters”. Because of this, the number of ballots scanned can be lower than the number of voters who check-in. But the number of ballots scanned is not ever supposed to be more than the number of voters who check-in.

On June 16th, 2021 we found 698 more scanned ballots than voters who checked in
This occurred at the close of polls at FDR High School at 5800 20th Ave. in Brooklyn.

At closing, there were 480 voters checked in, according to the numbers provided us by the coordinator, and one electronic poll book that we were allowed to view personally.

We examined the number of ballots scanned personally and it was 1178, meaning there were 698 more ballots scanned than voters checked in at that point in the Early Voting.

If more people begin to sit out of elections based on these sorts of irregularities we will end up with a complete tyrannical government.

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