• July 16, 2024

BREAKING: Federal Government To Control And Oversee Food Distribution

 BREAKING: Federal Government To Control And Oversee Food Distribution

(Natural News) Breaking news alert – NaturalNews.com – The US federal government is in the planning stage of implementing a plan to protect and control grocery distribution across the United States via public / private partnerships with top grocery chains such as Wal-Mart, Kroger, HEB (Texas), Target, Costco, etc., high-level sources now tell Natural News. The effort is being made to ensure the smooth delivery of food supplies to the public as a coronavirus lockdown is about to commence on a regional basis, and food supplies are necessary to prevent social unrest, lawlessness and looting.

Natural News has learned details of this plan which we are told is in the final stages of being completed, with some measure of rollout to begin as early as just a few days from now in at least one region of the country. We were also told that we got the attention of the administration when I appeared on the Alex Jones Show two weeks ago and delivered predictions numbers that closely matched the classified numbers the CDC and HHS already had, none of which had been released to the public. This “caused alarm” in certain circles, we were told, because the CDC thought they had a leak to Natural News (which apparently would be the end of the world at the CDC). They later concluded that we had reached the same conclusions based on mathematical models, not any leak. I can confirm that nobody from the CDC has leaked anything to us. The reason we have arrived at the same numbers is because I can do math and as a scientist, I understand the principles of epidemiology and exponential spread. My pandemic projection spreadsheet has accurately predicted all the recent deaths with near-perfect accuracy, by the way, and I released it publicly on March 9th, revealing all the math behind the calculations.

On the good news side, we are told that Trump is working day and night to coordinate a response that keeps the American people fully supplied with food, medicine, water and security, and that this plan will be implemented with absolutely zero advanced warning to the public. We are also told that VP Mike Pence is secretly working with pharmaceutical companies to rapidly accelerate critical drug manufacturing in the United States of America, with special efforts under way to resurrect certain factories in Puerto Rico that were wiped out by the hurricane last year. The long-term plan, we are told, is to designate the pharmaceutical supplies lines as strategic infrastructure much like the strategic oil reserves, and to maintain US manufacturing of certain medications from this day forward.

The days of outsourcing everything to China, in other words, are over. Thank God globalism is finally starting to implode. Let us hope Trump uses this opportunity to promote the importance of nationalism and redundant supplies lines filled with “made in America” goods and materials.

Here are the details of the food / grocery that have been shared with us:

  • The scope of this plan isn’t yet clear, as at times we were told it would be “regional” but might expand from there. No specific city was mentioned, but we can imagine it will start with NYC and Seattle and follow the cities with the worst outbreaks.
  • The plan will NOT “nationalize” grocery chains, as the president prefers public/private partnerships that leverage the existing distribution infrastructure of the private sector, which operates more efficiently than the government. The president prefers to respect and allow the private sector to fulfill its role in society rather than try to take over those operations.
  • Grocery chains will be declared, via executive order, “critical infrastructure” (the wording may be slightly different, such as “essential infrastructure”) so that the executive branch of the federal government grants itself the justification to oversee food distribution and food security for the nation. This is conjecture on our part, but we believe this same executive order will also designate long-haul trucking a similar “critical infrastructure” and would likely prioritize trucking / transport operations to keep the food, fuel, medicine and other supplies flowing. Obviously, without nationwide trucking, the grocery stores run out of food in mere hours, as we are now seeing almost everywhere.
  • The plan will involve National Guard troops showing a presence at grocery store parking lots which will serve as distribution points. They will be given ROE (Rules of Engagement) orders to actively engage anyone who initiates violence or who attempts to steal food. There will be little or no tolerance for threats to food distribution points, grocery stores or food trucking operations.
  • The National Guard will be ordered to begin protecting food distribution hubs and truck routes on the highways to ensure that food trucks arrive safely at grocery stores across America. The president is reportedly about to meet with trucking union leaders and trucking organizations to finalize the structure of this plan which may include an “escort” vehicle to shadow the trucks and ensure security.
  • There is talk — just talk, not any decision yet — of not allowing the public to enter the grocery stores and instead setting up a “drive through” system in the parking lots, where people are allowed to purchase pre-made “grocery kits” which contain pre-selected basics such as eggs, milk, ground beef, bags of rice, etc., which are offered at a fixed price and fixed quantities, with strict limits on the allowable purchases per citizen. Presumably, there would have to be kits assembled for people who have children or infants, separate from adult kits. We are told this will not be implemented right away and is only a last-ditch measure if the spread of the virus gets far worse. However, the administration is fully aware that grocery store crowds are right now spreading the virus, especially in NYC. It also means that the government already realizes consumer choice is going to have to be strictly limited in order to achieve high-efficiency grocery distribution to the public. Kiss your gluten-free crackers goodbye if this phase of the plan goes live…
  • The SNAP program (food stamps) is going to be expanded under an emergency order to allow those on food assistance to increase their food stockpiles in advance of the coming lockdowns. This also means the banks that handle the SNAP transactions are about to see a huge increase in their transaction loads, which makes them prone to outages as history has shown.
  • Even if consumer choice is allowed to continue on grocery purchases for some time, strict limits will be placed on grocery items at the federal level. We are told the limits will apply to all the basic such as ground beef, bottled water, eggs, rice, milk, canned soups, bread, powdered milk, plus many personal hygiene and baby care items such as diapers, toilet paper, sanitizing supplies (including bleach), hand soap and even basic pharmacy items such as isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.
  • TIMELINE: We are told this plan may be activated within days in certain regions (probably NYC and Seattle), but that logistics and delays could push it out to 1-2 weeks. The plan, we are told, will not affect most of Middle America where the virus is not yet reaching critical numbers. Watch this short animation to see where the hot spots are…


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