BREAKING: Black Lives Matter Agitator Punches Black Trump Supporter In The Face…Is Immediately…..

A group of male BLM protesters are attempting to create an autonomous zone in Washington D.C.

In the video below, a white BLM protester can be seen shouting and holding up his middle finger in the face of a D.C. Police officer, as he compares his mustache to Hitler’s, shouting, “F*ck you and your f*cking Hitler mustache, you f*cking racist bitch!”

According to Jorge Ventura Media, a field reporter for the Daily Caller, a Black Lives Matter agitator was immediately arrested after he was caught punching a black Trump supporter in the face. Ventura captures the scene in the video below.

D.C. Metropolitan Police officers, who watched the whole event unfold, immediately moved in to arrest the BLM assaulter, who in turn, resisted arrest.

The police officers can be heard shouting to the Black Lives Matter protester to put his hands behind his back. The BLM protesters continues to resist, as one of the BLM protesters standing behind the arrest scene can be heard saying, “No, he don’t need to,” and asking, “What is he being detained for?” he asks.




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