Brand New Jan 6th Footage PROVES Something Isn’t Right About Ray Epps…

Though most people have never heard of Ray Epps, those reading this are well acquainted with him.

The alleged FBI informant is perhaps the most videotaped person from that day, appearing in crowd-sourced media from multiple angles.

Epps had previously been on the FBI’s most-wanted list but was mysteriously removed from it.

This is strong evidence that Epps was an FBI informant.

Could this be the reason for the lack of mainstream media coverage?

Tucker Carlson has recently started releasing security footage from the January 6th protests, which further implicates Epps:

Epps’ numerous appearances in independently captured pieces of media have raised numerous concerns among independent journalists and the general public.

Kash Patel recently urged Tucker Carlson to release video evidence that could shed light on the FBI’s involvement that day:

Here is an earlier video of Epps pushing the now-infamous giant Trump sign through the crowd on January 6th:

Trending Politics quotes Carlson:

“We do know from contemporaneous video tape that a mysterious figure called Ray Epps encouraged the crowd to go into the capitol,” he added.

“For some reason, Epps has never been indicted for that. But there’s no question he did it.

Under public pressure, the January 6th committee finally interviewed Ray Epps. Epps told the committee that he never entered the capitol and therefore never committed a crime.

His text messages showed that at 2:12 PM he boasted to his nephew that he had quote ‘orchestrated’ the protests at the capitol.”

Here is left-wing NBC News attempting to drum up sympathy for Ray Epps in this fluff piece:

Epps told the Jan. 6 committee that the wasn’t working for the CIA or the National Security Agency or the Washington Metropolitan Police Department.

“The only time I’ve been involved with the government was when I was a Marine in the United States Marine Corps,” Epps said.

The theory that Epps was working for the FBI never made much sense, given that his image landed on an FBI poster immediately after the attack.

Epps, who was a supporter of former President Donald Trump, said in the interview released Thursday that his grandchildren were being “picked on at school” because of his actions. He has gotten death threats. His business dropped. People have shown up at his house.




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