Brainless Twit Complains About KKK Sign at the Ball Park

A totally brainless, liberal twit took to Twitter to complain about the overt racism she witnessed in Braves Stadium.  There it was plain as day KKK for everyone to see.  She was heard sobbing that “There’s no racism in baseball.  There’s no racism in baseball.”  Of course the KKK was not really in attendance that night.  She was looking at the strikeout corner found in almost every baseball park in America.

The tradition started in New York by a Mets fan who would put up a K every time rookie sensation Dwight Gooden struck out a batter.  The idea became popular and ballparks across America sports the signs that fans use to keep track of strikeouts.  Even after she was informed of the true meaning of the signs, she continued to argue like and good brainless SJW (Social Justice Warrior) would.  She insists that baseball find another way of counting strikeouts without offending her liberal sensibilities.  (Now, there’s an oxymoron for you)


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