Brain Surgeon Ben Carson Just Dropped A Bomb About Biden’s Mental Decline…

It’s an open secret to a majority of Americans about Joe Biden’s worsening cognitive capabilities and mental fitness, and that number appears to include former Housing and Urban Development Sec. Dr. Ben Carson, the renowned former neurosurgeon and GOP presidential candidate.

The Daily Caller reported that during the recent interview with Dr. Carson, he pointed to the seemingly unending series of verbal gaffes and miscues from Illegitimate President Biden as evidence of his diminished mental capacity.

Carson calls for “mental status tests” on Biden and other top U.S. leaders.

Here’s what Dr. Carson told the outlet:

“Well, certainly you want someone in that office who’s a peak performer, not someone whose staff has to constantly come behind him and clean up what he’s been saying. Someone who can complete a sentence without a teleprompter would be helpful, as well.”

The former surgeon continued:

“You’re talking about somebody who has the nuclear codes, who has so many things that are important to Americans in his hands.” 

Carson balked at issuing a formal diagnosis of what he believed might be wrong with Biden but did signal his support for regular mental health checkups for not just the president but also all politicians and government officials in important leadership positions.

Carson said:

“I don’t want to make a diagnosis on him but we really should be in a place as a nation where we’re willing to do mental status tests on our leaders, particularly our president, on an annual basis. And if they can’t pass that mental status test, action needs to be taken.”

Polling finds most Americans doubt Biden’s mental fitness. Daily Caller pointed to a recent poll by Harvard/Harris that showed a solid majority of Americans have doubts about Illegitimate President Biden’s mental fitness and capacity to serve in office.

More details from The Daily Caller:

Carson also questioned the image presented to adversarial countries like Russia, China, and Iran when some Americans do not think Biden has the mental fitness to be president.

“It sends a message that now is the time to take advantage of the United States while we have weakened leadership. Recognize the position of the United States and the world,” he said. “Before we became the dominant world power, there were all these despotic leaders going around crushing anybody who was weaker than them, and that subsided to a large degree during our peak strength.”

“However, now that we’re starting to lose strength, you’re starting to see the despotic leaders rise again and so it is important not only to our country but to the world that we have strong, effective leadership,” Carson said.

The White House did not respond to TheDCNF’s comment request.

Sources: TheDailyCaller, Harvard-Hall poll


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