Boy Fails Hearing Test and The Reason Is Quickly Discovered By Nurse

Etua Raki was struggling in class and no one knew why until the school had their annual hearing tests and he failed miserably.  His mother was worried but couldn’t afford a specialist.  Fortunately in her city there is a clinic run out of a van that gives medical attention to underprivileged children, so she took him there, where a nurse was assigned to his case.  She was able to quickly diagnose his problem and she restored his hearing to normal levels in a matter of minutes.

 He had a piece of a lego and a toy battery lodged inside his ear. Certainly not something that a public health nurse witnesses every day.

The two odd pieces were removed from his ear, and soon he was hearing at full capacity again.

Tania, who had no idea how long the pieces had been wedged in her son’s ear, admits that she doesn’t know what she would have done if it hadn’t been for the mobile clinic.”He had failed the hearing test and I saw the mobile clinic was up the road so I took all four of my children to get checked.”

While Etua still has a long road to recovery ahead of him, he and his family are grateful that they were able to get such timely treatment. The objects caused severe damage and he will have to undergo several tests, treatment, and possibly even surgery, but the result could’ve been a lot worse if he hadn’t utilized the benefits of the mobile clinic. Had he gone through the traditional health care system, it could’ve been several years before he received the treatment that he needed, which in turn, could’ve played a traumatic role on his education and progress in life.


Steven Ahle

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