Boy Accidentally Kills Girl With Shotgun On Facebook Live [WATCH]

A 12-year-old boy has been reported to have killed a girl of his age using a shotgun while they were filming for live Facebook streaming in what police termed as an accident.

The incident took place in Argentina’s Santa Fe province and the kids were playing with friends in a house in Santa Rosa de Calchines.

One of the kids captured the footage which showed a boy pointing his father’s gun at the girl named Georgina Magali Vega. The kid believed the gun was unloaded, and he pulled the trigger a number of times.

He pulled the trigger one last time and the video captures a sound of a shot before the camera pointed away. Georgina had been killed instantly. Other children, apparently in the home as well, looked startled at first, then started screaming the little girl’s name. When the victim didn’t respond, the children screamed louder, in a panic. One child said that the victim’s parents were going to kill them, while the boy who pulled the trigger announced he was leaving.

At the beginning of the clip, the boy can be heard saying ‘Look at this. A shell. I load it and I shoot you but you don’t die.’

Georgina then jokingly replies: ‘Do you see blood or something?’

Moments later the shotgun is fired before the boy and two other friends start screaming ‘Georgi’ repeatedly.

A girl asks ‘what have you done?’ before another child says ‘her parents are going to kill us.’

The children panicked and ran out of the house.

According to the local media, the gun belonged to the guy’s father and it wasn’t very unusual for people to own guns in the town, which is near a hunting area.

Georgina’s death was a tragic accident. The killing is not the first to be streamed live on the social network’s streaming service.

Source: New York Post


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