Boxer Robbed By Scantily Dressed Women Including 3 Million Dollar Check

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr was robbed after several scantily dressed women went back to his hotel with him and robbed him of his $40,000 watch and a check from a boxing match made out for 3 million dollars.  Chevez’s wife says that the women got her husband drunk and possibly drugged too in order to rob him.

 Footage of a ‘drunk’ Chávez lying on a bed with three women surrounding him emerged on Thursday afternoon, just days after he was pummeled by Alvarez in their catchweight bout at the T-Mobile Arena on May 6.

And even though he was caught in a very compromising position in the video filmed in the boxer’s MGM Grand suite, Chavez’s wife, Frida, has stood by him despite the women being brought back to his room.

Frida, told ESPN that the couple met a British man and some women at the hotel bar on May 8 before she went back upstairs to care for the couple’s daughter, Julia.

She claims those same people robbed Chávez of his phone, a $40,000 Hublot watch, and his $3 million check from the Alvarez fight after a night of partying.

She also hinted at the possibility that he may have been drugged that night and the women may have slipped something in his drink in an attempt to take advantage of him.

Frida said she believes the alleged robbery occurred around the hours of 5am and 6am

‘I had the check on the table, and when I checked the next day, there was no check,’ she told news site Remezcla. ‘The watch was also gone.’

In the video, Chavez, who remained with the women even after his wife left to go upstairs, is seen lying on his hotel suite bed as a woman sits on top of him and touches his chest.

Another man, who is recording, pulls the woman’s pants down to show her buttocks.

H/T The Mail Online

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