• May 24, 2024

BOMBSHELL: Trump Has Just Been Given The POWER To Send Them All Back!

 BOMBSHELL: Trump Has Just Been Given The POWER To Send Them All Back!

When I try to explain the illegal immigration situation to people that don’t quite understand it I try to put it in as simple of a context as someone can understand.

For example, imagine if someone came into your home an invited guest and stayed for dinner and then left. There’s no problem there. On the other hand, imagine if someone broke into your home while you were at work and moved their whole family in and were eating dinner when you got home then expected you to pay for it.

Then imagine if when you called the police to have them removed depending on what street you lived on the cops weren’t allowed to do anything about getting them out of your house…

We are sick and tired of Democrats stopping Trump from protecting the border.

But Donald just got a big win.

For a while, Democrats got the asylum seekers through with the help of liberal courts, even after Trump tried to make them wait in Mexico until their court date.

But now California’s 9th Circuit, of all courts, is handing Trump a huge win. He gets to send them ALL back. From AP: The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals… has temporarily blocked a judge’s order that would have stopped the Trump administration from returning asylum seekers to Mexico.

WOW. What does this mean?

It means Trump can send all the asylum seekers back to Mexico instead of sitting in the U.S. waiting for their court date.

That’s a big win for Trump. They can wait like everyone else!

The court systems have been overloaded in the recent border crisis and it can take months, or even years, to get a court date.

And in the meantime, they’re allowed to live in the U.S.? That makes no sense. And many don’t even show up for their court date.

Now Trump is going to send them back where they should have been all along, and it’s going to make Mexico think twice about letting them get across their land.

As you read above, this is only temporary. The fight isn’t over. This case will probably go all the way to the Supreme Court, and it had better give the President the power to control the border.

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