Bobcat Attacks Dog, Bystander Gives It a Ride of a Lifetime [VIDEO]

 Bobcat Attacks Dog, Bystander Gives It a Ride of a Lifetime [VIDEO]

A bobcat attacked a dog on the streets of Anthem, Arizona and a man driving by jumped out of his car, leaving it in gear.  A second man who recorded the action had to stop the car and then continue filming.  The man separated the bobcat and the dog, then swung it around and let it go.  The bobcat decided that discretion was the better part of valor and took off running for the hills.

 The video, which was originally uploaded to YouTube on Sunday, was filmed in Anthem, Arizona. It begins in medias res, after the bystander stopped. He left his car in gear, and the man who filmed the video — Jason Garrido — had to stop it.

The dog was clearly pretty beat up, but the bystander had jumped into the fray, separating the vicious animal from the man. However, that’s when things went bad.

As you can see, the bobcat turns its attention from the poor German Shepherd to the good Samaritan bystander. He seems to be biting his hand and holding onto it.

That’s when the bystander decided to show the bobcat the ol’ what-for. He swung the vicious animal around and landed it smack on the ground. The bobcat eventually decided to run away, no doubt worse for the experience.

Of course, as you can see, the man himself was a bit worse for wear, too — as you can see, he’s bleeding from his hand and has taken a bit of injury from the maw of the beast.

In remarks to Conservative Tribune, Garrido said that it was indicative of how people in his community help each other out.

“It all happened too fast, I just told the other men that most people would just drive by, and the reason I love Anthem is the community is there for each other,” Garrido said.

It’s good to see people stepping in to help each other like this. However, it’s yet another reminder that this is why people should be able to protect themselves from wildlife — be it with a firearm, spray, knife, or some other implement. This guy was able to fight off the bobcat, but you might not be so lucky.

H/T The Conservative Tribune


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