Blood Soaked Man Carrying Human Head Enters Grocery and Stabs Employee

A blood soaked man walked into an Oregon grocery store Sunday afternoon, May 14th at about 2:15 PM carrying a knife and what appeared to be a human head.  he stabbed an employee of the store, who had to be airlifted to a hospital.  The condition of the employee is not yet known.  Some other the other employees kept him in check until the police arrived.  Twenty minutes after his arrest, 911 got a call that a body of a murder victim was found 10 minutes away from the store.

The suspect walked into the Thriftway Harvest Market store in Estacada Oregon, at around 2.15pm on Sunday afternoon and stabbed the employee, who had to be airlifted for treatment.

The employees at the store confronted the murder suspect, and managed to restrain him until police arrived at the scene.

Twenty minutes after this incident unfolded, a 911 caller alerted police about a dead body in a home just ten miles away from the scene of the stabbing.

Neither the victims nor the suspect – who was also taken to a hospital when he was in police custody – have been identified but Sherriff deputies say both crimes are related, and they believe the man who entered the store may be behind the murder too, KGW reported.

 At 2.35pm, twenty minutes after the stabbing, a 911 caller alerted police about a dead body in a home just ten miles away from the scene. A view of the 25000 block of Elwood Road in Colton, Oregon, where the body was found is pictured.

H/T The Mail Online


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