• July 23, 2024

“Black Rifles Matter” Sign is Making Tourists Leave Vacations

 “Black Rifles Matter” Sign is Making Tourists Leave Vacations

Maine tourists were so offended by a “Black Rifles Matter” sign on someone’s private lawn that they left their vacation early.

The Boothbay Region Chamber of Commerce claimed people have complained because of the sign, reports NECN. “We have received a few complaints from visitors to the region,” Rick Prose, the chamber’s director, said.

Other tourists cut their vacation short because they found the sign offensive, according to Thomas Woodin, the town manager.

Tourists expressed their displeasure with the sign, saying it’s “ignorant.”

“People are ignorant. They shouldn’t be putting things out like that. It’s taking a shot obviously at Black Lives Matter,” Paul Mayor, a tourists from Connecticut, told NECN.

Linc Sample, the creator of the sign, said it’s meant to focus on gun rights, and has nothing to do with race. Sample created the sign after a newspaper ran an ad calling for a ban on assault-style weapons. He used the phrase as a direct play on “Black Lives Matter,” he said.

“They’re being targeted because of their appearance, fair enough. So is my rifle,” Sample said. “If anything, they should be flattered I used the phrase.”

Town officials won’t be removing the sign, as they say Sample is exercising his right to free speech; he also has all the permits necessary to post the sign.

One tourist said he agreed with the sign. “Massachusetts has a ban right now, and I think they should lift it,” said Jeremy Plasse.

Sample plans to take down his current sign and replace it with a pro-gun display he made.


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