Black Panthers Try To Infiltrate Police Station in Baton Rouge: Arrests Made [VIDEO]


The New Black Panthers invaded the city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and attempted to enter a police station to mark the one year anniversary of the death of Alton Sterling by police officers as he was lying on the ground.  The police had set up barriers to keep the protesters out but the Black Panthers tried to break through the barrier, setting up a confrontation with police.  Police had to resort to using pepper spray and tasers on the mob.  Seven Black Panthers were arrested during the altercation.

 Baton Rouge police later issued a photograph which apparently showed a black panther holding a taser during the clashes.

But protesters said police fired tasers and stun guns unnecessarily as they tried to exercise their right to enter a police station.

(Note:  You do not have the right to enter a police station with the intent to disrupt it’s work)

Members of the New Black Panther Party had arrived earlier in the day to lead the demonstrations.

Sterling, 37, was shot last July as he lay on the ground pinned down by two police officers and his dying moments was caught on cell phone video which led to the officers being suspended. 

But the woman who had three children with Sterling, speaking exclusively to, said she did not condone the confrontations with police.

‘This is a sad day…a sad day. It is already difficult enough with Alton gone and our three children missing their daddy every day,’ said Andrika Williams Sterling.

‘I understand people are angry about the way Alton died and the police ain’t never gonna come before the court for it. But I can’t condone any violence or trouble. It should not happen.

‘I have had to move out of Baton Rouge because of what happened to Alton. The grief was too much. But Alton was a peaceful man. He wouldn’t want anybody getting hurt on his behalf.’

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Baton Rouge police later issued a photograph which apparently showed a black panther holding a taser during the clashes

More arrested: On Wednesday night four men and three women were detained in Parish Prison accused of entering and remaining after being forbidden, and resisting an officer


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