Black Organizations Seize Private Property To Celebrate End of Slavery

The Movement for Black Lives, an organization which encompasses several black organizations is calling for the seizing private property in the name of blackness.  Somehow, they feel entitled to property that other people worked for and bought.  One example is former school building that was sold to a developer who turned it into lofts.  the Movement for Black Lives is teaming up with Black Land and Liberation Initiative and they plan to wrest control from it’s rightful owner.

 “We are taking back land that should be used for the good of the people; land that has historically been denied access to Black people. Through these actions we will confront the institutions that have been built off the extracted wealth of Black bodies and Black land and the individuals who have profited from them,” the group said on its website.


 “We see Black folks collectively engaging in land reclamation with the goal of shifting our relationship to the land, engaging in healing while creating hubs for movement work to be housed, cultivated and birthed,” the Movement for Black Lives explained on their website. “We believe Black folks, in this moment, can call on our Maroonage legacy to support the creation of Black safe spaces.”

One event has people protesting school losing funding and being built over as lofts by property developer while police officers get more money. Activist group Just Resisting plans to”reclaim” a school building that has now been turned into a loft.

“Vacant school buildings are being sold to developers in an effort to gentrify our neighborhoods while police officers are being funded more and more money to not protect Black and Brown people,” the event description reads. “On Monday, Just Resisting will reclaim a school building that is owned by a developer in Miami, and has been turned into lofts. We also call on our Indigenous allies as we acknowledge that this is not our ancestral land.”

H/T The Daily Caller

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