Black Man Who Sexually Assaulted 4 Women in Four Hours is Arrested [VIDEO]

Police have arrested a New York man who tried to sexually assaulted four women in a four hour period has been arrested after someone recognized him from the surveillance video.  Ironically, all four women were able to fight him off.  Not only is he a sexual assaulter, but he’s also a wimp.  Dennis Ofuoma was charged with burglary, harassment, sex abuse, and sexually motivated burglary.

Dennis Ofuoma, of the Bronx, was arrested on Monday in connection to four attacks that happened in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn starting late July 12 into July 13.

Ofuoma was charged with burglary, harassment, sex abuse, and sexually motivated burglary.

The suspect turned himself in to police after a tip was called into Crimestoppers when New York police released footage showing him walking down the street the night of the attacks.

During his arrest, told reporters: ‘Praise god. I want $800 million, that’s it. I’m a rapper, y’all n*****, you hear?’, according to the New York Daily News.

Ofuoma is accused of attacking four women over the course of four hours in Crown Heights two weeks ago.

In the first incident, a 22-year-old woman was followed to her apartment around 11.45pm on July 12 by a man believed to be Ofuoma.

The man put his hand over the woman’s mouth, pressed her against a hallway wall, touched her genitals and demanded sex, police say.

The woman screamed and fought back and the man fled, according to PIX11.

Around 1am on July 13, the same man followed a 29-year-old woman to her apartment building and covered her mouth and pushed her inside after she opened the door.

He attempted to assault three more women and was unsuccessful all three times.

H/T The Mail Online

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