• July 22, 2024

Black Lives Matter Protesters Block Betsy DeVos From Entering DC Public School [VIDEO]

 Black Lives Matter Protesters Block Betsy DeVos From Entering DC Public School [VIDEO]

Black Lives Matter protesters blocked Trump Education Secretary Betsy DeVos from entering a Washington, D.C. public school Friday.

According to WJLA, DeVos attempted to enter the Jefferson Academy but Black Lives Matter protesters, organized by the Washington Teacher’s Union blocked the entry way while heckling her, she turned around and returned to her car.

One protester shouted, “Shame, shame, shame,” at her.

DeVos attempted to enter early Friday morning after the gathering was organized by the Washington teacher’s Union.

One of the protesters can be seen holding a “Black Lives Matter” sign while yelling at DeVos.

Washington’s ABC 7 captured video of the new secretary of education whose contentious confirmation required Vice President Pence to cast a tie breaking vote in her favor, a first ever for a cabinet level nomination.

Teachers union opponents to the DeVos nomination, the American Federation of Teachers called it a “sad day,” when DeVos was confirmed Tuesday. Gov. Jeb Bush, tweeted out a congratulatory message saying President Trump made an “excellent choice” to head the Department.

DeVos gave remarks to her staff at the Education Department Wednesday, her first day at the agency, saying, “Let’s acknowledge: We’ve just come through one of the most bruising, divisive elections in modern times. And that’s OK. Our republic is resilient. We as a people are resilient.”

“Often, the morning and evening news cycles make it hard to imagine what might unite our nation,” she continued. “The rhetoric and the words can get hot and heated, and the animosity often seems unending. And that’s okay, too. People are passionate and moved by deeply held views. We are a pluralistic culture and we must celebrate our differences. But all of us here can help bring unity by personally committing to being more open to, and patient toward, views different than our own.”


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