Black Lives Matter Movement To Receive Global Peace Prize Award

There are many things the Black Lives Matter movement is known for, a majority of which involves their leaders calling for violence against the white race while doing their best to stoke the fires of racial tension in America. Receiving an award in acknowledgement of being ‘peaceful’ would likely be the very last thing anyone could imagine the BLM movement receiving but hold onto your hat because that is exactly what they will be awarded.

From Newsweek:

Black Lives Matter has sometimes been accused by critics of stirring racist division and violence, while organizers and supporters, including former President Barack Obama, have praised the activists for highlighting police brutality, economic inequality and other societal woes in the aftermath of the 2014 police shooting of Michael Brown, 18, in Ferguson, Missouri, and other violence.

President Donald Trump, meanwhile, has vowed to protect the public from “the dangerous anti-police atmosphere,” and roughly 52 percent of Republicans and 28 percent of white people oppose the Black Lives Matter movement, according to a 2016 survey conducted by the Pew Research Center,

“We’re not just about hitting the streets or direct action…. It’s a humanizing project,” Cullors told The Guardian. “We’re trying to reimagine humanity and bring us to a place where we can decide how we want to be in relation to each other, versus criminalizing our neighbors or being punitive towards them.”

Cullors added, “The complicated part of this is the question becomes: Do we need police? Are police going to give us ultimate safety? In our opinion, no, police are not going to give us safety. We’ve seen time and time again that actually what they do is provide death.”

Police officers killed roughly 266 black people in the United States in 2016.

The Sydney Peace Foundation, founded in 1998, “promotes peace, justice and nonviolence by recognizing the world’s most important leaders for peace with the Sydney Peace Prize,” the foundation’s website says.

This award has about as much value as the Nobel Peace Prize that was awarded to Barack Obama simply for being the first black man to be elected president of the United States of America.

E. Goldstein

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