• July 23, 2024

Black Facebook Is Mad A White Teacher ‘STOLE’ A Black Teacher’s HANDSHAKE Idea

 Black Facebook Is Mad A White Teacher ‘STOLE’ A Black Teacher’s HANDSHAKE Idea

Black social media is upset that a white teacher used the same idea as a black teacher to interact with her students.

Shyy’s Random World of Communication, a Facebook page, posted a side-by-side video of a black teacher and a white teacher greeting their respective classes. The page took issue with the fact that a white teacher used secret handshakes to greet her class like a black teacher did.

“STOP THAT SHIT!!! Can we as a black race have ANYTHING to ourselves?! This teacher (guy) did this as a way to uplift the children and give them positive self esteem. Now why is she doing it? Another way to keep white as the savior,” the video caption reads.

The top video, labeled “He did it first,” shows North Carolina teacher Barry White Jr greeting each of his students with a specialized handshake. White created the personal handshakes as a way to bond with his students.

The second video shows a white teacher greeting her class just like White does.

The majority of Facebook commenters seemed to disagree with the assessment, wondering why anyone cared if the teacher copied White.

You’re petty as fuck lol get over yourself. Nothing wrong with this. She’s being a positive influence on them,” one Facebook user said.

Another user shamed the post, saying that the teacher probably just wanted to engage with her students. “What does it matter if she copied him? She evidently thought it was a great idea what he did and wanted to share it with her students.”


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