• July 16, 2024

Black Councilman Urged Violence Against Police: Leads To Thirty Shots At Police Officer [VIDEO]

 Black Councilman Urged Violence Against Police: Leads To Thirty Shots At Police Officer [VIDEO]

Kenneth Stokes from Jackson City, Mississippi had urged citizens to attack police with bottles and bricks for following criminals into his city.  The citizens have responded to that with bricks and bottles.  That in itself should cause Stokes to be arrested for incitement to riot, but what came next should assure him of three hots and a cot for the next ten years.

Stokes comments about Pearl Officer Alfred Jenkins chasing a criminal into Jackson was what caused Stokes to go on an insane rant against police.  That particular officer was targeted for death as some hoods fired thirty or more bullets into his home as he and his wife took cover.  This is now a job for the DOJ unless Jeff Sessions decides to recuse himself from this case as well.  We should be talking about some serious jailtime for this racist, anti-cop councilman.

 However what is even more disconcerting is when elected public officials call for violence, and one of those officials happens to be a councilman. Furthermore an African-American from Mississippi, which is perhaps even more ironic.

The councilman threatening violence is Kenneth Stokes from Jackson City, Mississippi who recently proclaimed violence against police officers, saying; “What I suggest is we get the black leadership together and as these jurisdictions come into Jackson, we throw rocks and bricks and bottles at them,” Stokes told WLBT-3 News awhile back.

According to WAPT Rankin County Under-sheriff Raymond Duke said that the cowardly attack occurred about 1 AM, and destroyed Officer Jenkins’ living room and bedroom, including TVs, furnishings, and memorabilia.

Duke also acknowledged Officer Jenkins is moving out of his home immediately because he and his wife no longer feel safe.

Although it’s not clear that Officer Jenkins was targeted, the fact that he was in a vehicle pursuit on Tuesday afternoon, July 17, and crossed into the city of Jackson, is a pretty good bet that someone was taking Councilmen Kenneth Stokes threat a step further, which actually suggests that Stokes call for violence along with this incident should be investigated by the Justice Department.

H/T US Herald

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