• June 13, 2024

Bikini Contest For Internship at Nuclear Plant Causing a Meltdown [PHOTOS]

 Bikini Contest For Internship at Nuclear Plant Causing a Meltdown [PHOTOS]

A nuke plant in the Czech Republic is causing a stir after they forced intern applicants to pose in bikinis to determine who would get the job.  The plant asked people to vote online for their favorite who would then be given the position.  Apparently none of the women objected but many others who were not involved did.  Although I did enjoy the pictures, I feel the contest was just wrong.  The winner should have been selected as the most qualified and not the most sensual.

 Ten school graduates signed up for the competition in the South Bohemian region of the country.

The plant claimed the women had enjoyed the experience, but when the pictures went live on its Facebook page, the backlash started.

Bára Bečvářová said: ‘This is a huge ignorance and a miserable move from the management.

‘At a time when the company is finally starting to move towards the fact that women are not judged on appearance once aspiring to choose an internship, it now depends on how she looks in a bathing suit?

‘Do not really not think that’s even a little stupid? Shame on you.’

Petr Jirsák said: ‘Are you kidding? The internship must be a girl in a bathing suit? What is that?

‘Gaining the attention of half-naked female body is vileness. Dirty, disgusting sexism.’

Many questioned why boys were not allowed to compete, and eventually the company issued an apology, stating all 10 applicants had won.
In a statement on the Facebook page, entitled Info Temelín, the plant said: ‘We didn’t want to offend anyone.

‘The purpose of the competition was to promote technical education.

‘But if the original vision raised doubts or concerns, we are very sorry.’

H/T The Mail Online

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