What Biden Just Said At Outdoor Event Has People REALLY Concerned!

 What Biden Just Said At Outdoor Event Has People REALLY Concerned!

There are those still out in the world that actually believes that Joe Biden won the November election and that is the leader of the “free world” (sadly, I use that in quotations considering the censorship we are seeing lately)

Joe Biden has been in office for the last few months and has been dragging his feet with many time-honored such as the State of the Union speech. Biden barely answers questions from reporters before shuffling off mumbling under his breath about crayons or whatever and has little to no idea of where he is most of the time.

So, when Biden was answering some questions by reporters yesterday at a press event yesterday {which was a shock} Biden added something that has many people scratching their heads.

“Will you make it faster for them to get the vaccine, the vaccines we will get soon?” a reporter asked.

“Say it again?” Biden asked.

“India. They are suffering at this moment.”

“I am sorry. Just… last question I will take,” Biden replied. “I’m really going to be in trouble,” he added. Watch below:

This isn’t the first time that Biden has alluded to handlers ‘allowing’ him to take questions.

“I’m happy to take questions if that’s what you — I’m supposed to do, Nance,” Biden said at a press event in March. “Whatever you want me to do.”

Also in March, Biden visited a hardware store in D.C., and his handlers preemptively shooed reporters away from him.

The optics of the President of the United States being ‘managed’ by his team, instead of the other way around, is not a good one.

Share with us what you think about this troubling video in the comments below. Do you think that Biden is being controlled by handlers or that he is in doing this all on his own?

Either way, the man shouldn’t be in office if he needs handlers or of this is how he is acting all on his own.



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