• May 24, 2024

Bernie’s Bright Climate Change Idea: Let’s NUKE THE SUN!

 Bernie’s Bright Climate Change Idea: Let’s NUKE THE SUN!

There was a movie that I watched several years ago that when I first watched it I thought that it was a really novel concept for a science fiction movie.

The plot of the movie was that for some reason or another the sun itself was burning out. I cannot recall what exactly the reason was but they sent a spaceship full of people with the mission of jump starting the sun much in the way one would jump start a dead car battery.

The plan was to launch a series of nuclear missiles into the sun creating a chain reaction that would allow the sun to regenerate energy and put it back at the point that it was before we started the movie.

That being said, that’s a great idea for a science fiction movie but it’s completely and totally impractical because if we were able to do something like that we are several centuries off given all of the science fiction stuff that would have to theoretically exist.

Now, never mind that when you are someone like Bernie Sanders. It doesn’t matter if you say something that is utterly nonsensical because your fans are going to cheer you every time. The majority of people, however….

Via Daily Wire:

Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was widely mocked after he claimed on Tuesday that the United States should respond to climate change the same way it would respond to “a devastating military attack.”

“We must look at climate change as if it were a devastating military attack against the United States and the entire planet,” Sanders tweeted. “And we must respond accordingly.”

Sanders’ tweet drew widespread mockery on social media:

Sanders’ comment comes as far-left Democrats are in the process of taking climate hysteria to a new level, even going so far as to compare it to fighting a war against Nazi Germany.

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