Behar Threatening To QUIT THE VIEW After Being Put In Her Place….MAJOR TANTRUM!

Joy Behar just doesn’t understand the concept that there is a time and a place for everything.

For example, if you have a funeral that you have to attend where the deceased is a family member of someone you don’t get along with you put that mess aside for a moment and you walk up to them and extend your condolences.

It’s something we have all had to do at one time or another, most recently I had to do it when a family member’s mother passed away. I hadn’t spoken to this person in about two years since some incident I can barely remember happened. I moved heaven and earth to get their phone number so I could call them and tell them I was thinking of them. Does it mean that I was going to be sending them a Christmas card this year? Probably not, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do the right thing and hit pause on your animosity for one second.

Joy Behar just doesn’t understand that, she thinks that every time is the perfect time to take a potshot at Donald Trump. While tributes and remembrances of President Bush have come pouring in from all over the world she wants to go on national airwaves and bash President Trump.

It was totally inappropriate and Meghan McCain had seen enough. She took the chance to fianlly tell that bag of wind to shut her mouth and like most liberals they get really upset when being told that they are wrong.

The Behar-blow up was ignited during a Monday segment concerning the passing of former President George H.W. Bush. Instead of honoring the late president, Behar used the opportunity to bash President Donald Trump, a go-to favorite for the co-host. That’s when an unimpressed McCain interrupted Behar and asked her to stop talking about President Trump and focus on Mr. Bush. The exchange quickly escalated to an on-air shouting match.

The Daily Wire reports:

“This president that we have now is trying to unravel everything that [Bush] did and Obama did,” whined Behar. “And if I ever become a one-issue voter, it will be about pollution and the greenhouse effect.”

McCain quickly jumped in: “Can we focus on [Bush], please? I don’t want to talk about Trump,” she interrupted. “We’re honoring a great president who passed.”

The 34-year-old’s father, war hero and Republican Senator John McCain, passed away this summer from brain cancer.

“Excuse me,” Behar attempted to defend herself. “Excuse me a second, please, I want to talk about the differences!”

“I’m not interested in your one-issue voter –” started McCain.

“I don’t care what you’re interested in, I’m talking!” interrupted Behar.

Meeting Behar’s tone, McCain responded, “I don’t care what you’re interested in, either!”

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg quickly ended the segment and threw to commercial break as Behar and McCain are seen still shouting at one another at the round table.

And that’s when the real fireworks went off. According to sources at The Daily Mail, producers hurried to turn off Behar’s mic and tried to calm her down as she cussed out McCain and threatened to quit:

Behar threw her hands in the air, yelled “My God!’ and ‘Get this b***h under control.”

“If this s**t doesn’t stop I’m quitting this damn show. I can’t take this much more,” Behar allegedly fumed.

Producers ran to the stage in an attempt to deescalate the situation, but Behar continued to rant, the source said.

“I’ve tolerated a lot of s**t on this show but I’m at my wits’ end with this entitled b***h. Enough already! Enough already! I’m not playing nice any longer,” Behar shouted, despite the studio audience being able to hear it all.

“I don’t know why she’s so upset,” McCain reportedly said. “I just wanted her to focus on President Bush and not bring Trump into this for once.”


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