Beautiful Bikini Competitor Stricken With Cancer After Stomach Pains Just Before Her Wedding

Cancer is a disease that often takes more than it will ever give. That is what it thrives on.

It destroys body tissue, but it can also destroy a person’s will to live, the one who is diagnosed and all of their loved ones, too.

For Cheyann Shaw, cancer has taken so much. She is a beautiful 23-year-old who recently got married. She worked hard for her dream body. She was a successful bikini competitor. But then she was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer and absolutely everything changed.

In the few months since her diagnosis, Cheyann has lost her hair, she’s lost over 20 pounds, and now has a “poop bag” after having a major surgery. While her battle is long, she hasn’t lost one thing. Cheyann still has hope. And she hopes she can spread that with others and continue to live her positive lifestyle.

[H/T: Fitness Magazine]

E. Goldstein

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