BBC Reporter Grabs Woman’s Breast..Says It Was an Accident [VIDEO]

A BBC reporter was interviewing a colleague, when a woman walked up into the middle of the conversation and the BBC reporter, Ben Brown grabbed the woman’s breast and used it to guide her backwards.  Brown and his fellow liberals are laughing it off as merely an accident.  I can’t wait until the woman protest him while wearing their “Knockers” hat.  They’d be real easy to make, all you would need are two grapefruits and a bra.

 This is the bizarre moment a BBC presenter accidentally touches a Jeremy Corbyn supporter’s breast as she interrupts his broadcast.

News anchor Ben Brown was speaking to his colleague, assistant political editor Norman Smith, about the launch of the Labour Party election manifesto in Bradford when the men were interrupted by a member of the public.

The woman, who was carrying several bags and wearing a leopard print top and black jacket, stood between the pair and said: ‘Absolutely fantastic.’

But she was quickly brushed aside by Brown, whose right hand appeared to touch her chest as he tried to move her out of shot – with the woman subsequently hitting him.

The as-yet unnamed woman slapped him on the shoulder before walking off across camera.

As the video of the incident went viral on the internet, Cameraman Jason Farrington said: ‘Bit of a boob by Ben Brown…’

Steve Hunter joked: ‘Clearly Ben Brown felt a right tit after this blunder. Etc etc.’

Another wrote: ‘Did he… did he just do what I think he did? Bloody hell.’

Others called for the newsman to be sacked and claimed his conduct was ‘disgraceful’, with some suggesting West Yorkshire Police should investigate.

H/T The Mail Online


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