Baby Stuns Doctors As She Is Born With Extra Head Growing From Her Stomach

A 21-year-old woman was having immense pain during her pregnancy, so, she went to the Ram Snehi Hospital in Jahazpur, India. The doctors ordered an ultrasound and told the mother she was having twins. Nothing could have prepared them for that the baby looked like when it was born.


The baby was delivered via C-section – there was one baby girl, and she had a head growing out of her stomach, and there was a tiny hand too. At the JK Lone Hospital, Dr. Pravin Mathur worked to save the newborn baby’s life.

The extra head is referred to as a parasitic twin, and they are very rare. If the parasitic twin weren’t removed, it would deprive the other child of essential nutrients and impede her development.


After getting the parents’ consent, the extra head was successfully removed. Incredibly, the hospital waived all the hospital bills for the young family!


Rafael Smith

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