AWFUL: Six Year Old Girl DIES After Suffering MASSIVE Stroke, What Is The….

A Canadian girl, age 6, who had flu symptoms and had been taken to the BC Children’s Hospital last week, has died.

A member of the Richmond Raven U7 girls’ hockey team from Richmond, British Columbia, Danielle Mei Cabana, was admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) where a myocarditis-related diagnosis was made.

Last Saturday, she underwent two cardiac treatments and started to breathe on her own; however, she eventually died after having a “massive stroke.”

“While we may not be able to see or touch her again, her spirit and memories will live forever within her parents and sisters,” wrote her father Denis Cabana.

“We will honour her life and make sure she experiences a full life through our eyes.”

On Instagram, Denis Cabana claimed that she contracted the flu at the same time as her sisters around Remembrance Day.

Richmond News reported:

A GoFundMe was set up in support of the Cabana family, which has exceeded the $65,000 goal as of today.

Teams of the Richmond Jets Minor Hockey Association are also remembering Danielle by taping their sticks with camouflage green tape, which was inspired by Danielle’s time camping and hunting with her dad. Danielle was a player for the Richmond Ravens.

Community members are encouraged to post pictures and share stories of Danielle.

“Pictures that we haven’t seen of Dani, that have come up over the past couple days have brought one of the biggest smiles to our face over this hellish time,” wrote Denis.

“I find myself incredibly worried that when the posts stop, she will be forgotten.”

According to reports, although not confirmed, the young child was vaccinated.

One Facebook user commented, “I have a friend who is part of Dani’s extended family. She confirmed that the child was [vaccinated] and admitted to the hospital with [myocarditis]. Doctors literally drilled a hole into her heart to increase its blood flow, only to be met with rapid [clotting], which took the child.”

It is also said that her father was very pro-vaccine and posted memes making fun of anti-vaccine moms.

“To all of you that believe your Facebook and Youtube “research” justifying your beliefs that vaccines are evil, keep “researching,” and you’ll find essential oils, cleanses, and prayer groups that’ll negate all adverse side effects,” Denis reportedly wrote.

The post was reportedly taken down.



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